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Resting Energy Expenditure

Resting Energy Expenditure

Know Your Minimum Calorie Needs Per Day

What are my minimum caloric needs?

Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) - or Resting Metabolic Rate - is the amount of calories per day needed just for the body to function. REE is usually estimated using published formulas. However, there is a lot of variation between people, which makes the equations inaccurate by +/- a few hundred calories. This test will also provide you with what percentage of carbohydrate and fat you burn at rest as well as resting heart rate.

REE is influenced by: age, body mass, body composition, calorie restriction, sex (females burn less than males), hormones, medications, stress, exercise and weight loss.

The REE is valuable to prevent consuming too little or too many calories. This makes the REE a great tool for weight loss or weight gain. Essentially, for weight loss, you'll know how many calories you can consume to meet your body's needs without gaining weight.

This test is conducted using the most valid ("gold standard") metabolic cart, Parvo Medics.

Note: this test comes with the Metabolic Efficiency Test and some nutritional coaching packages.

Test Details

  • Collection: relax in a chair for 20 minutes with a face mask that analyzes your breathing

    • Morning Tests: arrive fasted for 10-12 hours

    • Afternoon Tests: arrive without eating or drinking (except water) anything for at least 4 hours

  • Test Results: post-test

  • Follow Up Testing: as needed