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Functional Nutrition


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All OYMN nutritional programs - including for sport performance - are based upon “functional nutrition,” which is rooted in Functional Medicine.

Functional Nutrition considers every aspect of an individual’s health, diet, training and lifestyle. Therefore, the foundation is an in-depth assessment of an individual’s history, goals, lifestyle, training and nutritional status that results in targeted nutritional programming, supplementation and lifestyle modification.

Instead of doing what is easy, the emphasis is on doing what is best to help optimize health and performance.

Fundamental Differences

There are inherent fundamental differences between conventional medicine and functional medicine, and, subsequently, functional nutrition.

Notable Components of Functional Nutrition


Investing time into finding the true causes of problems better guides interventions and treatments, which subsequently lead to a faster rate of success.

The approach

Katie goes through everything to find the story. Katie’s role is to listen, understand the signs and symptoms, investigate peer-reviewed literature, synthesize and analyze the literature in the context of the client’s data, find the root cause, put together a plan, monitor progress, provide support and make adjustments until we reach the desired outcome. However, execution on behalf of the client is paramount. Getting the answers we’re looking for requires mutual commitment.

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The functional nutrition approach is to find the true healing by using a “bottom-up” approach rather than a “top-down” approach used in conventional medicine and nutrition that is typically only a band-aid. Many problems are diet and lifestyle-related, so medications will only mask the symptoms.

For chronic problems, asking “why” certain systems in the body are acting differently requires further investigation in all of the possible root causes so that the most appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

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Functional nutrition is a dynamic process. This means, nutrition and lifestyle are continually refined to restore optimal health. When an intervention is integrated, monitoring via diagnostics and how one subjectively feels. This is why there is always on-going dialogue.