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Sport Performance

The Most Comprehensive Applied Sports Nutrition Science Practice

On Your Mark Nutrition™, LLC is an Applied Sports Nutrition Science concierge that combines physiology and nutrition for health and performance. It is the solution to ensure athletes are fit and healthy. The nutritional approach transcends the 'shotgun' sports nutrition dogma of a 'one size fits all' model by providing personalized nutritional programming.

Individualization matches the right nutrition for the athlete based on their physiology, goals, health status and training cycle.

Athletes are provided with the nutritional guidance and physiological testing to clinch the 1% performance benefit over their competitors; this is enough change in speed to determine medal rankings during short, grueling Olympic endurance events. At the same time, athletes sacrifice much of their body and health for performance. Therefore, they need nutritional support - that extends further than a plan on paper and generic sports nutrition guidelines - to benefit not just performance, but health and longevity.

The nutritional recommendations are intended to position athletes for success in their athletic career and retirement from sport by building age-defying athletes.

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Who Is An Athlete?

Everyone who exercises and has fitness goals is an athlete. Therefore, even those simply interested in nutrition for fitness, health and longevity (not sport performance) as well as pursuit of weight management, weight loss or a leaner body composition can reap the benefits from the same nutritional strategies, testing and lifestyle. The difference between a professional athlete and recreational athlete is the level of competitiveness.


  • Personalized nutrition for your performance, health and goals is a lifestyle - not a diet.

  • Athletes endure years of repetitive unholy trauma that requires in-depth attention to nutrition.

  • Full adaptation in sport performance cannot occur without a bedrock of nutrition and health beneath it.

  • Training nutrition is different from competition nutrition.

  • Integrated model of athletic performance guides the programming, which relies on physiology, biomechanics, psychology, tactics and health/lifestyle.



Many nutritionists/dietitians lecture about information, but very few address why athletes don't follow information they already know to be significant and true. Katie does not lecture about eating vegetables and how many calories are in a soda. Education is important, but it's only part of the solution. Katie educates by relating to things that athlete cares most about. As a competitive athlete, Katie is able to identify with athletes as to why published sports nutrition guidelines/recommendations deviate from practice in the real world and then offer athlete-specific advice instead of general advice.


The goal is to tackle high-impact problems and think a few steps ahead of nutrition for performance. She knows athletes can be fit, but unhealthy as they're not models of 'health.' They're a population at risk for many health complications due to high training load and athletes are not immune to disease or other risk factors. This is why she tackles nutrition and supplementation strategies to push the athlete a few steps ahead of simply nutrition for performance. For example, food and supplementation focuses on optimizing gut health, brain health and injury/illness prevention. This approach translates to superior athletic performance, health and longevity.

Using the same mindset of an athlete who is always looking to get ahead of the game, Katie always searches the evolving sports nutrition world for the 'latest' in nutritional research to help athletes get ahead of the nutritional game. Her expertise includes the continual identification of sound research, analysis and interpretation of the findings and then application to real world situations and context. Athletes are also provided with the tools and understanding of how to filter nutritional misinformation, especially information that does not apply to them. She translates what the nutritional information is saying and lends perspective to the context in which the information is given.


Nutrition Periodization™

Nutritional plans are not the same for all sports and athletes during different times of the year. Katie uses evidence-based research and her experience of real world sporting demands to strategize a nutritional plan for the athlete based on their goals and training cycle. The focus is on nutrition periodization tailored to training periodization ('fuel for the work required'), or strategic food intake and supplement use depending on the training volume and intensity.

For example:

  • Manipulating dietary intake and dietary supplementation before, during and/or after training.

  • Providing the balance between recovery nutrition and muscle adaptation.

  • Targeting long-term training adaptations for optimal performance and long-term health while integrating technology when applicable.

Metabolic Efficiency Training™

Metabolic Efficiency Training (MET) includes nutritional and exercise strategies to teach the body how to burn fat and carbohydrate more efficiently to optimize the body's ability to burn fat and conserve carbohydrate at different exercise intensities.

Menstrual Cycle Periodization

For female athletes, static nutritional plans do not work for training, competition, muscle growth and weight loss. Sex differences are taken into account because male and female athletes respond differently to training and nutrition. Nutrition is matched to female physiology because hormone levels (e.g., progesterone, estrogen) change throughout the menstrual cycle. Because hormone levels fluctuate, so do carbohydrate, fat, protein, electrolyte and fluid needs. Birth control will also have an effect.

Tailored nutritional strategies to the athlete's menstrual cycle optimizes training goals, recovery, competition and weight loss goals.

Supplementation Periodization

Additional to optimizing a strong nutrition foundation from food, particular supplements are warranted for performance and health depending on the athlete's sport, goals and training cycle. Katie offers working knowledge (including from experience as an athlete and work with supplement companies) on how to stack different supplements - that are safe and have stood the test of time in research - to advise athletes on how they can further reach their goals, especially during different training cycles.

Neuroprotective Nutrition

Neuroprotective nutrition is adopted early-on to enhance the health-span of athletes who experience repetitive head trauma/concussions. The goal is to slow or stop the progression of the secondary damage to the brain using nutrition.

The athlete's personalized nutritional plan emphasizes empowering the sustainable health and functioning of the athlete to enable their best outcome.

Coaching Style

A nutritionist/dietitian is typically found in the kitchen or an office. Katie works in the "trenches" with athletes for an athlete-centered participation and feedback to help fine-tune the details so that she can better design a nutritional training program and coaching style that will help the athlete most likely reach their success. Getting to the heart of the matter means building a relationship with the athlete and understanding how to meet them where they are. A stronger nutritional coaching foundation requires investment in the athlete's backstory.

Despite what our titles say, we are responsible for increasing HUMAN performance. Sport is what they do, but human is what they are.
— Ryan Horn, Director of Athletic Performance for Wake Forest Men's Basketball

Applied sport science


'Test. Don't Guess.' Athlete-specific advice - not general advice - is provided. Interaction with actionable data is key to a personalized nutritional plan. Running diagnostics can tell you more of what's happening inside the body in response to your nutrition and exercise - not body weight, body composition or performance success. This helps better equips athletes with a nutritional profile to track and manage real changes that translate to lower injury/illness rates and to enhanced performance and health.

Test services include:

  • Metabolic Testing

    • Using ParvoMedics - the Gold Standard metabolic cart

    • Using COSMED K5, the most innovative/versatile wearable metabolic system trusted by the military

  • Resting Energy Expenditure

  • Body Composition

  • Muscle Glycogen

  • Functional Labs

  • Advanced Hormone Testing

  • Nutrigenomics

  • Omega-3 Index

  • Nitric Oxide

  • VO2 Max

  • And More

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