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Katie Mark


Katie Mark

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Katie Mark, MS, MPH, RD, LDN, CISSN, USAC, METS, is a Sports Performance Dietitian-Nutritionist and a consultant to coaches, teams and trainers. She works with current and former Olympic and professional athletes - including one of the greatest athletes of all time - from the NHL, MLB, NFL and USA Fencing as well as endurance athletes. She also works with collegiate and recreational athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

As a lifelong competitive athlete, Katie understands how a solid foundation in nutrition and appropriate supplementation maximizes the likelihood of winning at sport performance and fitness while optimizing health and longevity potential. This is why those who work with Katie soon realize that she offers more than just nutrition for performance and body composition: she uses nutrition to enhance quality of life.

She is skilled in investigating nutrition science research and applying the science in the real world as she used to work as an R&D consultant for companies. She collaborated on nutrition science with Carl Valle's twelve 2016 Olympic medalists. Her nutritional philosophy for optimal performance focuses on helping athletes achieve being fit and healthy by using nutritional strategies that target long-term training adaptations and long-term health. She focuses individualized nutrition through nutrition periodization ('fueling for the work required'), safe and effective supplementation and exercise physiology.


Katie's written works are nutrition-centered, evidence-based, and intended for those who are sport performance- or fitness and health-driven.

As a Miami native, she spent most of her life competing as a multi-sport athlete (tennis, volleyball, basketball and track and field). She is a former Florida-ranked tennis player. Now, Katie trains on her bike and competes in USA Cycling.

In her free time, she reads nutritional research and is an active participant in Best Buddies. She fund-raises for Best Buddies and participates in the one-to-one friendship program with her buddy and best friend, Barbie.

Katie's ultimate goal is to push the sports nutrition industry standard through On Your Mark Nutrition, an applied sports nutrition science concierge that promises science-backed solutions.







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