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concierge nutrition


The standard dietetics model that typically consists of a one hour Initial, a one-size-fits-all nutrition plan and, much of the time, no follow up, is completely outdated.

OYMN is founded on the “Concierge Nutrition” model: a small practice comprised of a limited number of clients at one time to allow for each client to receive more access, attention and communication in their programming for functional medical nutrition as well as optimization of health and performance.

In the Initial session, each client spends at least 3 hours (and sometimes up to 6 hours). Much time is spent in gathering data and investing in the client’s history as much as possible. In locations outside of Miami, this service is provided in the comfort of the client’s home.

On days with extensive testing, Katie only works with one person, which includes the in-person time and time away working on the client’s programming. On days for follow ups, Katie only works on one client’s case, and sometimes two people (at most).

Katie extensively works with clients for a minimum of 8 weeks. Majority of clients spend between 3 and 6 months working with Katie - with some clients working with Katie for over one year.

This practice model of no time constraints and fewer clients allows for Katie to spend more time with each client.

Pillars of Concierge Nutrition


For every client, investment is made in the care for every aspect of their health, including emotional and mental health, which comes with the territory of nutrition and food.


More convenient access allows for greater communication that helps build rapport and facilitate a quicker rate toward achieving results.


A wide array of testing, including other tests not specifically listed, allows for a greater opportunity to find the most important data points that need to be targeted for optimal health and/or performance.


Accurate programming begins with using research-grade, “gold standard” equipment. For testing, OYMN only incorporates the highest level of equipment feasible.


Nutrition for health and performance is an art and a science. Many situations in the real world are not textbook. Therefore, what is known from the best peer-reviewed research is synthesized with professional expertise in the context of the individual.


Majority of the time with the client is spent on education, especially as to the “why” for different components of their nutritional program. With each client, the focus is on teaching critical thinking around their specific needs and strategies within their nutrition and health while encouraging openness and questions. This approach empowers the client to ultimately become their main well-equipped health advocate that is needed in today’s healthcare system.