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Precision Dietetics & Nutrition

Precision dietetics & Nutrition

The OYMN program begins with - and routinely relies upon - a comprehensive human health and performance assessment and analysis using a scientific approach to develop innovative, engaging and effective nutritional and health programming that is personalized to the individual.

The fundamental purpose behind the testing is to provide “precision dietetics.” This means, moving beyond the observable and working with a surgical vision rather than simply (and traditionally) guessing based upon textbook guidelines and cookie-cutter templates.

Part of the pipeline for personalized nutrition and health is the integration of data derived from various health determinants such as diet, the gut microbiome, blood biomarkers and wearable sensors. Given the goal of helping to ensure short- and long-term solutions are sustainable, many aspects are considered when deciding if something is healthy for an individual, their lifestyle and their preferences. Everyone has unique characteristics that must be considered to create a solid nutritional and health program for them. A personalized, healthy nutritional and lifestyle plan follows a multi-dimensional approach - considering social, lifestyle, genetic and metabolic parameters. The plan is also tailored to their health status, clinical history, training and more.

A personalized (or ‘precision dietetics’) approach to nutritional programming yields better health and performance outcomes than the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. This is why OYMN testing is the foundation to helping individuals enjoy optimal health and performance as well as the highest possible quality of life.

Translated actionable Insight & Analysis

The test data are a coal mine. Moving beyond the observable and integrating advanced diagnostics allows for the discovery of actionable insights. Of all that gets measured, the key is to find and absorb the useful data points that subsequently get worked on and discard what is not.

As with many tests, the results are best interpreted in the context of the individual client. This is why Katie develops a strong “coach-athlete” (or “coach-client”) relationship. Katie’s increased familiarity with the individual puts her in a strong position to accurate interpret test results. Physicians manage different problems without considering the individual’s whole picture. This is why delays in diagnoses are delayed.

The abundance of data points combined with interpretation that must be carried out in the context of the individual is where most people won’t look for a filter. They’ll just take the recommendations run from computer artificial intelligence or professionals who only know an individual based upon data on paper and a few minutes of conversation and not the individual as a whole.

At the same time, knowing is not enough. We must apply. Katie embraces data and uses it to its full potential. Her understanding of science and analytics allows her to bring it to the front of the line and translate it into ideas that matter for athletes and coaches.

The Why

By using comprehensive testing and gathering detailed histories, this approach offers the following values:

  • Athletes:

    • Implement new technologies in nutritional and performance diagnostics that allow them to squeeze out a competitive advantage

    • Find physiological performance limiters that give better insight to their health and performance

    • Measure their own recovery rates and outputs

    • Observe their power and strength adaptations related to their diet

    • Use data as feedback for their process that drives them toward better outcomes

    • Develop a personalized, periodized and practical nutritional plan

  • Everyone:

    • Find areas of health that need improvement to help increase quality of life

    • Uncover the root cause of health concerns

    • Screen for increased risk for nutritional deficiencies, illnesses or chronic disease as diseases incubate over long periods of time, during which errors and stresses accumulate

    • Develop a personalized and practical nutritional plan


Testing Infographic.png

Many of the tests are required to be completed by all clients as they serve as the foundation of their nutritional programming. However, other tests are optional as they are only necessary based upon the client’s needs. Further physiological tests may be needed to maximize the understanding of an individual’s physiological system.


Throughout life, most of us have a physiological Bermuda Triangle that is always at play, especially for athletes. Our whole biochemistry is constantly changing in response to changes in: age, health status, work schedules, training cycle, lifestyle, sleep and more. Subsequently, data are used as feedback for the process. Using data drives us toward achieving better outcomes.

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