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8 Things You Ought to Know About the Ketogenic Diet

Three years ago, I was obsessed with the ketogenic diet. I was in nutritional ketosis. I did it for weight loss and sport performance reasons.

This blog is not about bashing the ketogenic diet, but rather to educate people on the basics (because there seems to be confusion due to social media, etc.) then give you my honest eight things to consider before embarking into the world of keto.

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What I Did to Personalize My Caffeine Intake for Sport Performance and Heart Health

Will caffeine actually improve your sport performance or fitness class? Do you need to rethink the venti Starbucks coffee in the morning and mid-afternoon espresso to protect your future heart health?

In this blog, I discuss some of the caffeine gene research and how testing for the gene helped me refine my caffeine amount, form of intake and timing to enhance my speed and power on the bike and confirm my daily over-consumption of coffee habit.

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What You Oughta Know About Creatine

Creatine (Cr) is one of the most widely studied supplements for athletic performance, but it typically remains misunderstood. It allows for maximum effort for slightly longer exercise capacity:

  • Train harder

  • Sprint longer

  • Recover faster

This is an advantage for all athletes.

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Katie Mark
If You Have the Gene for Speed, Can You Succeed as an Endurance Athlete?

If your genes say you are a sprinter, what does that mean?

What if you train and compete as an endurance athlete?

A few weeks ago I visited Nova Southeastern University to participate in a study, led by Dr. Jose Antonio, testing athletes for the gene for speed (ACTN3 gene). Some of my saliva was collected in a tube, and it was sent off to a lab.

The Verdict:

“You are an RR...homozygous for the speed gene!  You got a full complement of the ACTN3 gene.”

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Katie Mark