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Bike: Metabolic Efficiency Testing Information & Form

Bike: Metabolic Efficiency Test


What must I do for accurate test results?

  • You must be in a recovered physical state.

  • No exercise the day of the test and the day before, if possible. Otherwise, do light aerobic exercise earlier during the day before.

  • Keep your usual nutrition the same the day before the test. Do NOT eat or drink anything differently (e.g., drink alcohol when you usually don't, eat more carbohydrates than you usually do, etc.)

  • Write down what you ate and drank the day before the test. Please turn this in when you arrive for the test.

  • No Exceptions: 10-12 hours before the test, no eating or drinking anything that has calories or caffeine or any other stimulant. Examples include gums, mints, zero calorie energy drinks, herbal supplements, regular/decaf coffee and tea.

    • NOTE: if you take a stimulant (e.g., Adderall - or any equivalent medication), please refrain from taking it the day of the test as this will greatly impact the results. Please discuss this further with Katie if you take this medication everyday - including for training and competition.

What do I bring?

  • Appropriate clothing for the bike, run or walking test.

  • For the bike: bring your bike (any) and shoes.

  • Water bottle.

  • Towel.

  • Beverage and/or food for after the test.

When should I show up for my appointment?

  • It is best to arrive 5 minutes before the time of your test.


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Bike Test
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Metabolic Efficiency Test Waiver
You will perform a near-threshold effort exercise test on a bike, a bike ergometer or a motor driven treadmill. The work levels will begin at a low intensity and will gradually increase throughout the test. The test can be stopped at any time should you experience fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain or any feelings of discomfort. There is some risk involved with performing an exercise test. Certain changes can occur in response to exercise including abnormal blood pressure changes, dizziness, myocardial infarction, stroke, or death. Every effort will be made to minimize these risks and emergency equipment and trained personnel will be available. Information you have about your health status or previous experiences with higher intensity physical effort or testing may affect the safety of your exercise test. You are responsible for fully disclosing such information to the staff. I have asked the test administer any questions I have pertaining to this test and I understand that performance of this exercise test is completely VOLUNTARY and I am able to stop the test at any point. I hereby attest that I am in good health and my physical condition HAS BEEN VERIFIED by a licensed medical doctor, who has RELEASED ME to participate in strenuous physical activity and testing. I understand that an EKG test will NOT be conducted and there will NOT be a physician on site during my test. I have provided, in writing, a signed consent form from my physician stating that he/she is aware that I am performing an exercise test, that there will be no physician present, that there is no contraindication to intense exercise, and that there will not be EKG monitoring during this test. I have read and I understand the test procedures that I will perform and the associated risks and discomforts. I consent to participate in the testing. *
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