On Your Mark Nutrition

Physiological Profiling


The most comprehensive assessment & Monitoring of Human health & performance

Extract a Comprehensive View of Your Physiology While Working “In The Trenches”

Physiological profiling is conducted “in the trenches” to provide the most comprehensive nutritional assessment: fuel analysis combined with GPS and other sport sensors that will allow for data analysis during real-time measurements anywhere and under any environmental condition.

OYMN uses the COSMED K5 - the top-of-the-line, most innovative and versatile wearable metabolic system for exercise physiology and human performance and nutritional assessment. The K5 is the only metabolic system on the market that allows for measurement of the following components:

  • Metabolic

    • Energy Expenditure

    • Substrate (Carbohydrate + Fat) Use

  • Cardiovascular

    • Heart Rate

    • Estimated Cardiovascular Output

  • Kinematics

    • Speed

    • Distance

    • Cadence

    • Stride Length

    • Bike Power

  • Respiratory

    • Oxygen Consumption (VO2)

    • Carbon Dioxide Production (VCO2)

    • Ventilation (VE)

    • Respiratory Frequency (Rf)