On Your Mark Nutrition

Nutrition for Fitness, Health & Wellness

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Nutrition for fitness, health & Wellness


This is intended for those who are not competitive athletes focused on sport performance, but rather those who are focused on fitness, health and wellness. Plans are customized are customized to your goals including overall health, weight loss, lean body composition or weight maintenance. Typically, the emphasis is not particularly on weight loss, but rather on losing body fat and maintaining and/or increasing lean body mass (e.g., muscle) as well as feeling your best and being healthy.

Daily nutritional and exercise plans are balanced to create a sustainable lifestyle change.

Nutrition for Female Physiology: An Added value

Specifically for females, nutritional needs will be tailored to your physiology - meaning, body composition and energy levels will be optimized during each phase of the menstrual cycle based on hormone (e.g., estrogen, progesterone) levels. Depending on where you are at in your cycle, estrogen and progesterone will affect your plasma volume (e.g., amount of body water, which impacts hydration), ability to complete high intensity exercise and exercise adaptations. Nutritional guidance will be provided to make the most out of your body composition, exercise and recovery by working with the hormone levels.

What To Expect

On Your Mark Nutrition emphasizes on providing clients with personalized nutrition. No cookie-cutter or pre-developed Cleanses/Detoxes/Diets, etc. that typical dietitians use. The On Your Mark Nutrition template is customized and evolves to the needs of the client. Typically, people hire a dietitian for a big goal, which usually requires behavior change. Because On Your Mark Nutrition believes in quality over quantity, one-time consultations are not offered as this does not lead to sustainable change and thorough, quality care. At least 4 weeks is required as this allows for better guidance, feedback, motivation and support to ensure that client's thoroughly understand their nutritional programming.


  • Improved body composition

  • Increased energy levels

  • Enhanced mood, concentration and focus

  • Optimized fasting blood sugar levels

  • Improved sleep

  • Controlled appetite

  • Decreased risk for disease

Further Details

  • All packages are customized. After discussing your goals and needs, a package will be tailored for you.

  • Package options include:

    • 4, 8 or 12 weeks

    • Monthly retainer

  • If you do not live locally, a remote option is available via phone and email.