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Gut Health

Evaluate the Strength of Your Gut Lining



Do you experience "leaky gut" syndrome or brain fog? Are you constantly getting sick?

You may be suffering from poor gut health.

Zonulin is a protein released from the liver and gut and regulates the open spaces between cells of the gut (i.e., tight junctions between cells). Zonulin is a biomarker that estimates intestinal barrier integrity (i.e., the strength of your one-cell thick gut lining).

Normal functioning of the gut lining allows nutrients and other molecules to enter and leave the gut. Zonulin levels measured in feces evaluates gut barrier weakness, especially from stressors like high training load. Higher amounts of zonulin means changes in the integrity of your gut lining and increased permeability into the body, which can lead to inflammation and weakened immunity. For athletes, "leaky gut" causes the spaces between cells to open too much, which allows protein molecules to enter the blood and potentially causes an immune reaction. Other substances in the gut, such as bacteria, can enter, which results in inflammation and makes the liver work harder to get rid of the unwanted products.

Two of the main triggers activating zonulin are gut bacteria and gluten. Many studies have shown that a chronically high amount of zonulin in the stool is associated with Celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, Diabetes and other autoimmune and pro-inflammatory conditions.

Measuring stool zonulin is practical to test. Based upon the results, it can be determined if a dietary intervention is needed.

Test Type: stool sample; home collection test kit

Test Details

  • Purchase the test

  • Pick up the collection kit

  • Collect stool sample

  • Mail your collection kit using the pre-paid label

  • Obtain the results in 7-10 business days

  • Receive a 10-minute consult to go over the results.