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Complex Health Issues

Are you experiencing chronic health problems that are impacting your quality of life or ability to perform optimally? Have you seen “every doctor” and specailist with no one able to solve your problem?

OYMN continually works with individuals, including professional athletes, who are facing mysterious health issues that **.

These problems greatly influence the efficacy and progress of the nutrition programming. Therefore, OYMN offers a Functional Nutrition Concierge service to help individuals reach their true potential.

What is Functional Medical Nutrition?

The symptoms of “headache,” “fatigue,” etc. are wide-encopassing.

The systems in our body (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, etc.) do not work in isolation. Therefore, to solve complex problems, this requires thinking about all of the systems in the body as a whole.

Not all drugs and remedites work for everyone. Why? ** Treatments can become trial and error, but due to high volume, sometimes doctors forget to stay on top of solving someone’s problem. Many forget to investigate diet and lifestyle before autoaticaly prescribing a medication that may or may not work. This requires a “bottom-up” approach by investigating:

The unfortunate drawbacks in medicine:

  • Quality:

  • Time:

  • Volume:

  • Generalized Treatments: treatment must be tailored to the individual.

Investigate the Clues

Time is invested in gathering plenty of data, communicating extensively with the individual as well as others of value surrounding the individual (e.g., significant other, trainers, coaches, etc.). All of the info acquired serve as clues to figure out the etiology (or true cause) of the chronic problem.

  • Personal Health & Family Health History

  • Current and Former Lab Work

  • OYMN Testing Data

  • Lifestyle Habits

  • Specific Details Regarding Specific Competitions/Games/Races

  • Home and/or Training Environment

  • More

After investing time in carefully investigating the areas mentioned above, Katie takes all of that information and investigates the published literature. The analysis is carried out through the lens of the individual.

Team- & Individual-Centered Experience

Katie works closely with the individual to **.

Evidenced-Based Approach

Solving complex health problems is an art and a science. “Evidence-based” is the ability to take what is published in research and synthesized with professional expertise in the context of the individual.

Katie holds a Master’s in Public Health and a Master of Science in Nutrition from Tufts School of Medicine where she’s trained in epideiomolgoy and analysis. She has 3 years of experience in neuroscience research where she conducted her own neuroscience project with Dr. Dawn Blitz. Most importantly, she spends much of her free time researching and thinking critically about complex cases and continually stays up-to-date on the latest research.

The Process

Working one-on-one with Katie to solve your complex health issue is a separate “program” than the nutrition programming (two different services). This requires:

  • At least 3 months of working together.

  • Follow through in the team-based approach to solving the problem.

  • The agreement to conduct specific tests that are required to help solve the problem.


The rates are contigent upon the extent of complexity and urgency of the case as well as how much time you want Katie to spend on the case. Rates are subject change depending upon case load.